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At Liberty Village Dental Care, we understand the important role that orthodontics can play in creating a healthy and beautiful smile. If you or your teen has crooked teeth, overly crowded teeth, an underbite or an overbite, correcting these challenges can prolong the lifespan of natural teeth by helping them to remain in good condition.


Are you suffering from the uncomfortable and inconvenient poking and prodding of braces? If so, we are happy to help you find the comfort you deserve! If you are experiencing problems with a broken bracket, poking wire, mouth irritation, loose ligature, or loose wire, we recommend doing the following things to relieve your pain and eliminate discomfort:


Have you ever wondered what your orthodontist is REALLY thinking when he or she tells you “your teeth are looking great”? Here are eight pieces of advice that orthodontists generally wish they could give their patients not just once, but every time they visit:

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